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Painting Heavenly Decorators have a wealth of experience specialising in all kinds of painting. If you need your whole house decorating, perhaps the exterior or maybe just rooms in your house, then talk to us, no job is too big or small Our Décor team have a proven track record for achieving an immaculate finish to the customer's individual style and to suit all budgets.

Your home is likely to be your biggest asset and it makes sense that you after it properly. That means ensuring that it stays in a good state of repair and an important element of that is its decoration which is more than just the superficial look. Paint adds colour to a home, but its importance is more than just decorative. Paint plays a protective role and that is especially on the outside of your house where the elements can cause problems.

Heavenly Décor Guarantee: -

  • No drips
  • No spills
  • Dust sheets are used for all jobs
  • All building materials are cleared away at the end of the job
  • A close working relationship with regular updates including emails and photographs
  • To use the best quality paint once you have chosen your colours within your budget

When you hire our decorators/painters to decorate for you, you can expect a professional job that will brighten up your home and increase its attractiveness while it will ensure your home's value is maintained and even enhanced. You need to decide on your colour scheme but after that you can leave the work to experts who will ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Painting the exterior of your home is a large job requiring everything from scaffolding to a range of brushes and rollers. Even enthusiastic DIY people face a challenge to take on such a large project. It is easy to miss slight flaws in the exterior of your house, everything from mould and damp to deteriorating wood. Small problems can be sorted out and fresh external paint should stop any recurrence.

While rollers can do the bulk of the painting in your rooms, you also need someone who pays attention to detail so that the final job leaves no paint other than on the surfaces where it is intended. Professionals will have plenty of sheeting so that even when a room is not cleared before painting, the work can be done quickly and efficiently.

From time to time, it is important to give your property a boost to feel clean and fresh. Maybe you plan on selling your property, one of the best ways to do that is a fresh coat of paint. Even if you do not really want a colour change of paint makes you and your rooms and woodwork more vibrant. It is not just the appearance of your room that will change, a coat of painting with Weather Shield acts as protection from everything from the weather to insects and small damage on the exterior

There are different types of paint, some water-based, others with oils or chemical additives and professional painting companies we like to use are Dulux or Crown, but we can advise you on the best products for a particular part of the house, as well as on wood or walls. The only decision you have to make is the colour scheme. After that, if you call us the professionals, you can relax and look forward to the finished job. Some work can be done with rollers, some even with sprays more recently, but the real skills of a professional come into play where the work involve brushes of varying sizes where you don't want the strokes to be evident when the paint dries. Equally frustrating are the times when a brush sheds a bristle which remains on the surface that has been painted.

A professional job begins with the preparation of the surface, wood, plaster, whatever to leave it smooth for the application of an undercoat in many cases. Some jobs even need two further coats but, in those cases, you can be even more certain that the coatings will provide excellent protection which is especially important for wood. Modern houses may just need a single coat internally unless you want a light colour over a previously dark one. Our professionals will advise as well as follow customers' instructions to the letter.

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Hitchin Painting Services

Wallpapering Specialist and professional wallpapering hanging is an art so don't avoid wastage, time and money. Our professionals based in North Hertfordshire cover Letchworth, Baldock, Hitchin, Royston and surrounding villages can provide such a service. Before you start yourself, think whether your skills are up to the task because once you start there is really no going back.

The history of wallpaper goes back several centuries with mass production starting with the Industrial Revolution. Wallpaper is decorative but can also be used to hide the imperfection of walls in an old building. If that is the idea behind wallpaper, it will be of a different texture from one to be applied to smooth modern walls. In such cases, it makes sense to talk to a professional company that does wallpapering as one of its services to discuss the best type of wallpaper to buy. It also makes sense to hire Heavenly Décor to do the job.

While some DIY households may think that doing a regular sized room themselves is easy, it becomes more complex if the wallpaper that is selected has an intricate pattern. A house with several rooms suddenly becomes a large project that DIY households may decide would take them too long. Likewise, there are some rooms in older houses that are not straightforward.

There are numerous colours and patterns available today. Some that catch the eye may be harder to put on yourself, leaving a job that may not match your ideas. Before you start yourself, think whether your skills are up to the task because once you start there is really no going back.

There are different textures, and wallpaper does not have to be made of paper. Some present a real challenge to lay on to a wall correctly. That is not something for the willing amateur because by buying special wallpaper you will have decided you want a special look; that is something for our professionals to provide.

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Hitchin Wallpapering Services

Coving Decorating with Coving can transform the rooms in your house. Heavenly Decorating Services in Hitchin are professional coving installers who will assist you from start to finish with choosing a coving design from a wide selection. Once you make a decision on style, after measuring the room, we will give you a competitive quote, once we have agreed we then carefully install the coving to give a professional finish to your property. Coving around the lights and around ceiling can really finish off a room and give a stylish look.

The décor between wall and ceiling, now described as coving, certainly added to the sense of a seamless path between wall and ceiling, and that is something that remains popular today. Coving can transform a plain looking room and it will indirectly lead to adding value to your home because it catches the eye when buyers look for something a little different.

Moulds can create the effect you are seeking and there are multiple choices in today's market allowing you to create the effect you want. Cracks between wall and ceiling are a thing of the past, and once you choose the 'look' you are after.

The Coving comes in standard lengths and needs to be cut to achieve the lengths and widths of your room with the four corner pieces also in standard sizes. Our Professionals install coving regularly and quickly and efficiently there is no chance of frustration or impatience. We will ensure your room looks exactly the way you have imagined it.

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Hitchin Coving Services

Varnishing If you home or your business requires a natural varnished look, feel and finish to your doors, windows, floors, stairs, bannisters, decking or parquet flooring, we can assist. Having a wood resistant shiny or clear protective varnish finish will protect from everyday wear and tear and against all weathers.

The beautiful finish that you get from varnish improves the quality of any piece of furniture. It may seem an easy exercise to apply varnish because it is clear. Any brush strokes will not be visible on the surface as they would be when applying paint. However, do you want to risk damaging your furniture by doing the varnishing yourself?

There is more to varnishing that dipping your brush in and applying the varnish to the surface of the furniture. First of all, you need to decide which varnish to use and professional advice is always a benefit.

There are different types of varnish depending on what you are looking to treat. Perhaps it is your boat, so your varnish needs to help waterproof your vessel. Domestic furniture does not have the same challenge. Some kinds of wood have their own oil content which can result in the varnish not producing the result you want unless good initial preparation has been done. Perhaps you are starting to think this may not be a DIY project?

Before any varnish is applied, it is important to eliminate any dust from the immediate area and also ensure that the brush to be used is in good condition and unlikely to shed any hairs. Brushes that have been well-used will have soft bristles and that is important in getting the best finish. A professional always has brushes that are up to the job, dry and clean with good bristles.

A single coat is not ideal. If that first coat is with thin ned varnish, that will lay the foundation for a further coat or coats. We sand between coats and apply un -thinned varnish before the job is complete.

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Hitchin Varnishing Services

Tiling Our Tile fitters provide a professional service with a personal approach to every customer's individual requirements. Heavenly Décor is on hand whether you need tiles for: -

  • Kitchen and bathroom walls and floors
  • Wet room and water proofing
  • Tile sealing, grouting and re-grouting

Heavenly tile installers have a comprehensive supply of tiles for you to choose from and fitting packages suited for all budgets in domestic or commercial work which may need undertaken. With hundreds of designs to choose from, the task can be daunting but with our expertise we will guide you to choose the right tiles for the job.

We will then lay the tiles and grout with high quality materials to ensure durability. Our tilers are highly skilled in exterior and interior projects; this ensures the perfect tiled finish to any bathroom or kitchen. Working very closely with designers and clients we provide and fit high-quality ceramic and porcelain tiles, in all sizes, shapes and colours to walls and floors. Our high level of expertise means they can work with a range of materials including: mosaics, glass, quarry, and natural stone

Bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms generally have tiles. They provide protection when there is water about so that moisture does not penetrate through to the walls of a house. While for centuries, tiles were more for decoration than protection, today, the practicality of tiles throughout a bathroom for example is an owner's chief concern. It does not mean that tiles cannot be decorative, and they can certainly add to the appearance of a room.

You have only to look at some of the colourful and distinctive tiles that you can buy these days to realise you can brighten a room while adding that protective element. They come in a variety of materials with ceramic and porcelain amongst the most popular.

Rooms come in all shapes and sizes which do not necessarily fit in with any standard size of tile. It means that in almost all cases, if tiles are needed along the whole length of a wall, or perhaps are required along the length and width of a room, there is some measuring, and tiles will need cutting.

Tiling is a job requiring skill and patience. How many DIY enthusiasts have regretted ever setting out to do tiling themselves only to find their work is not up to the standard they expected to achieve?

Professional tiling is a daily task which can be completed quickly and expertly. As a customer, your only role is to show the room involved, and select the tiles you want. Whether they are plain, or you want to create a pastern, neither is a problem. You will get the look that you have imagined when you get a local expert to do the job.

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Hitchin Tiling Services

Plastering We have a highly experienced plastering team; our craftsmen ensure that all work is carried out to the highest standard with superior attention to detail guaranteed. Our range of professional skill sets includes:

  • Plastering - Skimming of walls and ceilings in preparation for decorating by our team of expert decorators
  • Rendering - Internal sand and cement render to exposed brick or block work
  • Screeding - Levelling of floor surfaces
  • Coving - Decorative plaster mouldings fitted by us for the perfect finish

When you look at the smooth walls in a building, you may take for granted how easy it was to create that. You would be wrong. If you ever get the opportunity to watch a craftsman at work, transforming an uneven surface into a smooth wall, you will understand what it takes to achieve that everyday look. Ask if you can try on a little section, in the knowledge of the expert that you can cause no lasting damage. You will realise just how much skill goes into the job.

Internal plastering to develop a space into a room is highly skilled. External rendering is no less a challenge for anyone other than a skilled expert. The correct consistency of the plaster (known as stucco) and simple tools like a trowel and a wooden float are the most important things in a plaster's armoury. Little has changed in that regard over the years except with the development of new materials such as acrylic-based ones have led to trowels being also manufactured in a polycarbonate trowel. Likewise, floats in polystyrene are more suitable for these new materials.

That does not change the challenge a plasterer faces in the slightest. Our professional team will have spent significant time developing the ability to produce a smooth wall ready for paint or wallpaper.

Some customers look for a textured finish, often in a ceiling and that is perhaps slightly easier but still very much the province of a professional. If you want a textured ceiling, professionals will do the walls first. The reverse is the case if the ceiling is to be smooth because some plaster is likely to splash on to the walls.

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Hitchin Plastering Services

Commercial & Industrial Having your work premises decorated will give your business a lift whether you are a corporate or small company or maybe you are starting out on a new venture, it is important to make the best use of your time. That means leaving some jobs to professionals while concentrating on what you do best. When you employ us on a contract, you want the price to be right and the date of completion accurate. That is essential in situations where you may have to close for refurbishment.

Some of our past clients have included - Boots, HSBC, Nationwide, David Lloyd, Superdrug and many other local smaller start-up businesses or established companies in the area.

Without wanting a job rushed, you still want a job done quickly. Imagine if you have an opening or reopening date that has to be met and you find yourself behind and under pressure. A professional painting company will not let that happen because its work will all be planned well ahead.

It is false economy not to have a repairs and maintenance provision in your business planning because you can find that you face a major bill if you do not look after your property and it deteriorates. Painting does not just freshen up the look of a property, paint provides protection against weather, damp and other damage.

Shop painting is a typical contract that painting companies undertake. Heavenly Décor experience allows you to calculate price and time required accurately. Small units or large, professional painters will schedule a contract and provide a finished job that you will love. You need to decide on a colour scheme while painters will happily advise on the type of paint that is needed for each part of the shop; perhaps just emulsion on the walls but something more substantial on doors and window frames, inside and out.

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